Earn cryptocurrencies by selling products & services with Hyperwage

It's time to get paid. We give you tools to sell digital or physical products and get paid in cryptocurrencies. Claim your Business profile on Hyperwage to start earning.

Claim my Business profile

Sell online or in-person, get paid to your cryptocurrency wallet.

With Business account you can sell products and services worldwide, instantly and without fees and get paid in 8 different cryptocurrencies. Plus, you can easily send and receive money as you get integrated wallets for your store.

Save on processing fees and do not worry about conversion rates

We do the boring work for you. You don’t have to worry about which cryptocurrencies to accept – simply add USD price to the product that you want to sell. We will then convert it in the real time for your customers on the checkout. We show you the earnings in USD, but your money is in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Customers buy your products through our secured cryptocurrency checkout

Your customers can buy your products with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Monero or ZCash wallet. Anyone who owns a Hyperwage wallet for any of these cryptocurrencies can shop for your products. Wallets are directly integrated with a checkout, so the customers don’t have to go throughout the hassle of copy-pasting your cryptocurrency deposit address.

Transactions are instant, and your money is on the blockchain.

Once the customer goes through our secured checkout, they receive a receipt and everything is done within few seconds. If you are selling in-person, you can optionally print a receipt from your seller dashboard.

Your Business account also supports standard wallet functions

Send cryptocurrency payments to another Hyperwage user instantly, without fees. You can as well send payments to external wallets.

Get paid on the go in any of 8 available cryptocurrencies. Simple share your cryptocurrency address with a payee. Receiving from other Hyperwage wallets is free and instant.

Hyperwage enables you to convert cryptocurrencies from your wallets. Exchange between 8 available cryptocurrencies and easily track conversion process.

Always secured, always safe.

We don’t stick our fingers into your wallet and we don’t charge you any fees for using Hyperwage. Your money is on the blockchain and we enabled two-factor authentication to keep your account safe. We take security seriously.

Your money is your money.

Keep more of it with Hyperwage.