Get paid with cryptocurrencies in person.

We made selling products or services in the retail store easy with our cryptocurrency payments system. Everything is done within few clicks.

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Bringing cryptocurrency payments to physical stores and in-person transactions.

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We integrated cryptocurrency wallets with Point of Sale system – so that your customers can pay you directly through their Hyperwage cryptocurrency wallets. Start accepting in-person payments in no time.

Get paid with cryptocurrencies on the go

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Your customers can be anywhere, so we enabled you to get paid anywhere your business takes you. Whether it’s a retail store or a in-person service, we got you covered. We currently support 8 different cryptocurrencies, so that you don’t have to worry how customers can pay you.

We do the boring work for you.

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Don’t worry about entering the price in cryptocurrencies. Simply add your USD price. We will automatically, in the real time, convert those for your customers, so that they can know which cryptocurrency amount to pay you. You can get paid with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Monero or Zcash

Transactions are instant and free.

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Your customers only need to have Hyperwage account and to deposit cryptocurrency amount to shop for your products or services, instantly and without fees. Everything is done on customer’s phone. You simply share product’s QR code which will take your customers to the secure checkout. After customer completes a purchase, they will be shown confirmation message that their purchase order has been completed.

How it works

Simply add products that you want to sell, with the price in USD and a product description. We will automatically generate QR code your customers can scan.

Customer scans product’s QR code and they open your product’s link on their phone.

Then customer clicks on “Buy” and proceeds to the checkout.

Your customers are then able to select which cryptocurrency wallet they want to use to pay.

Customer makes a purchase and you receive a notification that the payment went through.

You can optionally print an invoice for your customer.

Over 50 million people are looking to spend their cryptocurrencies on products and services. Start accepting cryptocurrency payments anywhere.