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Focus on doing what you love, not on invoicing.

Invoicing in cryptocurrencies done simple and quick. Save money and hassle by getting paid with a cryptocurrency through an invoice.

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Create and send cryptocurrency invoice within few clicks.
Get paid without fees.

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Simple add invoice description, amount and a cryptocurrency you want to get paid in. We do the rest of the work.

Easily collect money from your payees.

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Get paid through an invoice with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Monero or ZCash. Your payees only need to have available balance on their Hyperwage wallet to pay you.

It's free to pay and get paid.

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To use Hyperwage invoicing tool, we don’t charge you or your payee any fees. Your payee only needs to get a link of your invoice, and pay the required amount within a click. You get the exact cryptocurrency amount the payee sents you, directly to your Hyperwage wallet.
We respect your hard earned money.

Integrated cryptocurrency wallet

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Invoicing works directly with your Hyperwage cryptocurrency wallet. We automatically track all the paid invoices and you can easily see invoice transaction. The money you get from the paid invoice is on your blockchain wallet and it has all the standard payment features like sending, receiving and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Send cryptocurrency payments to another Hyperwage user instantly, without fees. You can as well send payments to external wallets.

Get paid on the go in any of 8 available cryptocurrencies. Simple share your cryptocurrency address with a payee. Receiving from other Hyperwage wallets is free and instant.

Hyperwage enables you to convert cryptocurrencies from your wallets. Exchange between 8 available cryptocurrencies and easily track conversion process.

Your money is your money.

Keep more of it with Hyperwage.