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It's more than a banking. It's more than a store. Get a Business account and sell products and services for cryptocurrencies, with 0% fees. Right from your ready-made store. Get paid to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Open my Business account

Get paid with cryptocurrencies the way you want

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Sell products and services through the ready-made online store, invoicing or at your website – get paid in any of 8 available cryptocurrencies. Transactions are free and instant.


Use our invoicing tool to get paid with a cryptocurrency through an invoice

Online store

Ready-made store on Hyperwage, just add products


Sell products on your website for cryptocurrencies

Keep more of your earnings by getting paid in a cryptocurrency.

Your product type. Blockchain payment system. Your money.

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Sell (almost) anything with your Hyperwage Business account. We support all kinds of products. You can make the product downloadable for your customers if you are selling digital content or we if you are selling a physical product that you are planning to ship, we will require customers to enter their shipping information, which you can easily view after they place an order with you.




•Digital products

•Shipping products

•Service based

•Retail or in person

We made selling for cryptocurrencies plain and simple.

Add products to your Hyperwage store

Give each product a price in US dollars. We will then convert those dollar prices to 8 cryptocurrencies and display in real-time to your customers.

Customer goes through a secured checkout

Your customers get to choose which cryptocurrency wallet they are going to use to pay for your product on the checkout. Transaction is done on the blockchain.

Manage your store and wallets

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We provide full-stack solution for sellers, enabling them to efficiently keep track of all customer orders, earnings, manage product inventory, shipping and refunds. Cryptocurrency wallets are there to perform any payment related tasks like sending, receiving or exchanging earned cryptocurrencies.

Send cryptocurrency payments to another Hyperwage user instantly, without fees. You can as well send payments to external wallets.

Get paid on the go in any of 8 available cryptocurrencies. Simple share your cryptocurrency address with a payee. Receiving from other Hyperwage wallets is free and instant.

Hyperwage enables you to convert cryptocurrencies from your wallets. Exchange between 8 available cryptocurrencies and easily track conversion process.

Your money is your money.

Keep more of it with Hyperwage.