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Accept Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies, instantly & without fees.

Sell anything with 0% fees, get paid in any of 8 available cryptocurrencies. Full-stack solution, including cryptocurrency wallets, invoicing, online shop and point of sale.

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Send and receive cryptocurrencies for free over email or a username.

Create your account to get 8 cryptocurrency wallets at once, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Ripple and ZCash. Sending and receiving from Hyperwage accounts is completely free and instant.

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Payment tools to buy & sell anything for cryptocurrencies w/o hassle.

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We provide a full stack solution for cryptocurrency transactions with one goal in mind: instant, global and 0% fees cryptocurrency payments.

Personal accounts for buyers

Use your account to send, receive and exchange cryptocurrencies. Buy anything from your cryptocurrency wallets instantly and without sending fees.

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Business accounts for sellers

Everything from Personal account, plus payment tools like invoicing in cryptocurrency, point of sale for accepting cryptocurrencies and a ready-made online shop.

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Pay over email address

Use recipient’s email address and they’ll get cryptocurrencies in a simple, faster and a more secure way. You can send money to almost anyone, in just a few easy clicks. All they need is to register on Hyperwage with their email address.


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Get 8 wallets for free

By creating an account on Hyperwage you will automatically get a wallet where you can deposit, receive, send and exchange 8 major cryptocurrencies. No hassle. Your money is on the blockchain and you can withdraw it any time.


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0% transactions fee

Send and receive cryptocurrencies completely free when sending to another wallet from Hyperwage. No hidden fees, no drama. Receiver gets the exact amount you send. No fees for a receiver, either.


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Earn cryptocurrencies by selling products & services with Hyperwage

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It’s time to get paid. We give you tools to sell digital or physical products and get paid in cryptocurrencies. Claim your Business profile on Hyperwage to start earning.

Powering makers, innovators and buyers globally.

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With Hyperwage you can go global with ease. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, we got you covered. We support borderless cryptocurrency payments from anywhere. Our mission to globally help buyers and sellers to connect and transact quickly and without fees. Getting started is free and easy – you can either create a Personal account for quick and instant shopping or a Business account if you plan on selling items or services for cryptocurrencies.